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The Research Angle

Emmar Research is a state of the art incubation establishment with a global purview. The company provides its investors with tailor made investment platforms that are integrated with technology, underwriting, credit risk management and a structured position with targeted alphas. Emmar research is defined to creating an investment ecology that is hosted with underlying markets developed through multiple layers of Research conducted on market positions, growth potential, domicile risks, credit management and revenue management all teamed in with world leading institutional partnerships ranging finance, technology and intelligence. 


Special purpose companies established for specific transactions or portfolio targets, developed in conjunction with world leading technologists. Our markets span Power Generation in Wind, Solar, Waste to Energy, Gas Based Power, Hydrogen Power that are selected based on the technology, domicile to define the geo-politics, treasury risks and management structuring. 


Post Investment

Each incubation unit is defined with experts in the field of investments. The administration & management of each acquisition, development or concession based investment is defined in conjunction with highly advanced technologists including and not restricted to General Electric, Hitachi, Marubeni Corporation, Hyundai amongst others. 


The Platform

Each investment platform is defined for a specific investment or acquisition. Each incubation unit is hosted with requisite managerial resources and audit capacities. The incubation units are credit risk managed and analytics are driven to ensuring our investors host a risk mitigated unit of investment with full transparency and ideology. 



Research is the key where we work in tandem with global leaders to providing our incubators with requisite market knowledge and capacities prior to our issuances for capital formations. 


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