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Established in 1976, Emmar was founded by Mr. M.R. Narayanan & Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan. Emmar was established as a family owned concern providing state of the art technological solutions in the development of capital assets for railways, defence, aerospace, research and other major infrastructure related supply and production chain institutions. Emmar is a pioneer in introducing Spanish technology to the Indian Infrastructure & Industrial Markets. Established during the growth era of the Indian Industrial markets; Emmar has over 450 turnkey solutions provided across a diverse market spectrum. 




The Flagship Company has remained an engineering markets focused company contributing to developments and asset building in the markets of energy, power, railways, steel and general infrastructure. The Holding company has been established by restructuring the flagship company into a global investment company. Strategised to creating fixed income potential through both an organic & in-organic growth module; Emmar Investment Holdings focuses on Mergers, Acquisitions and Developments as a part of its integrated business module. The Company works through a range of underlying Acquisition & Investment Vehicles, focused on creating asset value through strategic acquisitions of assets, equity positions and derivatives alongside investing in globally leading asset development institutions and entities. 




Emmar Investment Holdings seeks to grow its Net Asset Holdings on a global scale. Focused on investing in derivatives that offer a fixed income; alongside investing in assets that are strategically poised for our expertise in asset management and asset administrations; Emmar hosts a decisive strategy of investing in Portfolios, Derivatives & Assets spanning revenue structures derived from Power Generation, Urban Transportation Concessions, Energy, Power Transmission & Distribution, Healthcare, Luxury Hospitality and other defined markets we employ our strategy to. Emmar hosts a unique approach of acquiring and optimising assets under purview for enhanced and consistent sustainability modules. Our acquisition initiatives are driven through underlying Special Purpose Acquisition Companies [SPACs] that are formulated for acquiring asset/s or derivatives of assets through the securities markets. The structure is based on revenue derivatives from the segments of Power Generation, Power Transmission & Distribution, Oil & Gas [Energy], Urban Transportation Concession assets underlying. Apart from these markets, Emmar also focuses on alternative markets such as Healthcare and Medical. 




Our ideology and defining of investments lies in our strategy to invest and own strategic positions in globally leading or up & coming corporations in the field of Renewable Energy, Hospitality, Healthcare and Urban Transportation. Unlike our acquisition platforms; the Investment strategy lies in investing in the Private Equity of leading corporations either in the aim of strategic positions or to own in full such corporations as part of our asset building umbrella modules being established. Emmar issues Special Purpose Investment Companies [SPICs] that are driven to select investment schedules in order to build an underlying base of ownership or strategic positions in globally renowned institutions & entities. 


Wind Power

On & Offshore Assets 

Investing in Wind Power Generation Assets and Development Corporations Worldwide. 

Solar Panels

Solar & Hybrids

Utility Scale Developments

Investing in developing and acquisitions of Utility scale solar and Hybrid Power Generation Assets

Gas Plant

Gas Based Power

Large Scale Power Generation

Energy focus markets and downstream investments. Gas Based power is a major source of growth modules adopted.

London Tube

Urban Transportation

Urban Transport & Industry

Railroad, Metro, Mono Rail Assets and other concessions. 

Staying Fit

Alternative Markets

Strategic Investments

Healthcare, Medical Research and Developments, Medical Institutions

Manufacturing Assembly


Commodity Markets

Public Commodity Markets and Manufacturing


Emmar Family Offices; representing its Founding Member, Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan catering his private family office modules gain wealth through our business revenues and yields. We do not come from ancestral wealth, while Emmar does come with a strong legacy since 1976 and the Family Wealth has been re-introduced to cater this business module. Emmar remains the soul and back bone of this structure and entity while the new and remodelled business ideology brings in a massive network to cater and partner the company for a global expansion potential. Our businesses range is Investments and Acquisitions; while downstream we host a multitude of potential that allows us to not just grow in-organically through acquisitions and asset building; but also through development corporations established for future growth systems and modules. The Business has been established in a manner that each vertical is incorporated to becoming a profit centre by itself while also providing the upstream management with assets underlying, be it, we use our development arm to develop and originate the assets or our Investment & Acquisition arms which not only target investments into Corporations with core ideologies but also owing to our technological history and a massive technical collaborative base; to invest directly at the asset levels. Emmar hosts a wide business partnership range with technologists, concessionaires, operators, maintenance and other major entities with public listings, to name a few, Mitsubishi, Hyundai Green, POSCO, Hitachi to cater our asset management, performance and returns. The expansion of the Business Umbrella bring with it also our Capital Institution; Swiss Providential Trust; the business trust of Madabushi Narayana Gosakan and Mesrop Nerkararian that works with Institutional Partners in Debt Capital Market Investments, Custody Solutions, Underwriting, Credit Enhancement and Credit RIsk Management that makes us a Power House in the global economy building of markets and assets worldwide. Swiss Providential is structured to cater the capital needs of the business house. 

The Family Office Structures

The Emmar Brand is fully owned by Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan & Family. The Family Offices has been established to manage the wealth of the family  and provides the back office support to the family's business & philanthropic interests. While the Businesses are owned under the same brand; Emmar Family Offices stands independent with offices in India & Singapore. While the Family Offices also host structures to directly invest in the global markets on behalf of the family; the business is managed from Singapore while the offices are managed from India. The Emmar Family Offices solely acts on behalf of Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan whose business interests are held through a private Swiss trust company domiciled in Zug, Switzerland. [for more information, please visit]. The umbrella holding company of all ventures is domiciled in the BVI under the name of Gosakan Narayanan Capital Holdings. 



Swiss Providential Trust 

Domiciled in Zug, Switzerland; Swiss Providential is the consolidated umbrella holdings of the promoters; Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan & Mesrop Nerkararian. Providential is a Self Regulating Organisation under the Supervisory framework of the FINMA. Providential apart from the holding corporation, owns and operates the core investment house of group. Structured under a white label offering; Providential operates a specialised investment house that is capitalised by a qualified institutional base of investors. The Trust owns and manages all the incubating and development units of the corporate under the brand name of Emmar. [Please click here for notice on the brand name, Emmar]

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