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Emmar is a privately held corporation and is headquartered in Bangalore City, India. Emmar is promoted and owned in majority by Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan and managed through an Offshore Holding Corporation, Gosakan Narayanan Capital Corporation. Emmar is restructured as a global business and venture holding corporation. Vertically integrated, the company is focused on a business model of primary focus in growth through acquisitions, mergers and developments. With a core investment structure at the heart of the Organisation, Emmar is built for structured capital markets management, integrating technology, asset management and capital management as its principles of operations. An ideology based on investing in sustainable and consistent revenue management modules; Emmar's portfolio construction activity is based on sophisticated risk management and operational quality enhancement best structured for our global institutional investors. Emmar is a bespoke corporation that hosts a full scale capital & asset management structure with our capital markets management based in Delaware, USA; our regulatory, compliance and white labels based in Switzerland and securitisation structures based in Luxembourg, EU. With an infrastructure based on compliance, regulation and bespoke asset management, Emmar is a new age module with a legacy driven model of ethics, philanthropy all integrated seamlessly in our Corporation ideology and strategy. 

Brand Emmar is managed by our Private Trust Company; Swiss Providential Trust AG, domiciled in Zug, Switzerland. The Trustee Board constitutes the working management of Emmar and its vertically integrated acquisition and investment platforms. Swiss Providential Trust AG, established in 1931 brings with it a high degree of sophistication in management through our self regulating compliance factoring along with our downstream white label finance management under the FINMA guidelines and our Luxembourg regulated compartmentalisation and asset management structures that allow us to work on a wide range of derivative market positions globally. 

Emmar Investment Holdings [EIH] is India's first and pioneering global Asset Management Firm with our firm base of investment strategies comprising Infrastructure, Hospitality, Healthcare and Special Markets constituting our core strategy in market enhancement. Emmar's vertical integrations work on a wide range of market possibilities and options that drive us to integrate and encompass new age technology for public domain improvements ranging renewable energy, offshore energy, urban transportation systems and many other areas of industrial growth and infrastructure feed markets. 

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