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Emmar, established in 1976 by Mr. M.R. Narayanan & Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan; is a family owned business brand. Having been one of the largest contributors of sophisticated technology to the Indian Industrial Growth Markets; Emmar has over 400 integrated solutions to its roster across the markets of Railways, Power, Defence, Aerospace, Steel, General Heavy Engineering. With a stellar reputation and high quality engineering knowledge; Emmar was a pioneer in introducing the structure of integrated capital asset management with a core focus on structured returns to the investors. Emmar is now restructured as a business holding and is continued to be held by the EMMAR Family through the Emmar Family Offices representing the Promoter; Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan. With an expansive view of growth structures now incorporated; the Family Offices have established an Institutional Holding Trust from Europe to provide structured investment management through our self-regulated platform in Switzerland. Emmar continues to brand itself and is now poised to expanding through acquisitions and investments in the sectors of Infrastructure and Real Estate. 

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Gosakan Narayanan Capital Holdings

All business ventures and asset developments are managed through the flagship brand, Emmar. Gosakan Narayanan Capital Holdings [GNCH] is established and domiciled in the British Virgin Islands as the consolidated holding company for the ventures and businesses owned under the Emmar Umbrella. Emmar's core business focus lies in the expansion of capital gains through the development and management of global assets in the markets of infrastructure, real estate and healthcare. The Company focuses on developing its wealth base for the family trusts through both, an in-organic structure and an organic module. The In-organic growth is structured through acquisition and investment vehicles that are capitalised by regulated fund distributions and capital origination by the Managing Trust; Providential. The acquisition platforms focus on acquiring strategic positions or full scale acquisitions. On its organic strategies, Emmar creates and manages global assets in Power Generation and Real Estate [Hospitality] in collaboration with global leaders in technology and asset management. 

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A centralised holding company; offshore domicile; Gosakan Narayanan Capital Holdings is the umbrella business and ventures holding company. The business lies in acquisitions of yielding assets in the sectors of Infrastructure, Real Estate. GNCH is structured as an umbrella master feeder module to cater the capital needs of the acquisition or investment vehicles operated through a holding module for special investment and special acquisition vehicles managed downstream. 


The regulatory arm of the Family Offices; Swiss Providential Trust is established to manage the global investments of the Family Offices. Providential operates a series of underlying investment holding umbrella funds and alternative investment platforms that create and manage global investment schedules and to create a structured environment of sophisticated investment management. Providential is Emmar's & Nerkararian Capital's Investment Holding Company with underlying modules of Hedge and Fund of Hedge Structures designed for Active & Passive investment schedules. 



Operational Holding Company under the Umbrella GNCH. The Company is domiciled in Bangalore, India with its parent held offshore. Emmar Holdings is the global operational head office to the assets and companies, businesses owned by the Family Offices.



Trading business venture owned by the Family. RI - EN is domiciled in Bangalore, India. Visit the website; click here


GN Alternations

Indian Digital Media company invested in by the Family Offices. Integrated venture. 

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